Photos from Surveys of the 11 March 2011 Mw9 Tohoku Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Charles Scawthorn visited areas affected by the 11 March 2011 Mw9 Tohoku Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in three surveys in company with Japanese and American colleagues, in order to document and understand the damage resulting from these events.  The tracks of the three surveys are shown in the map below (the tracks are overlaid on a muted map of the peak ground accelerations caused by the earthquake - the three surveys were 29-30 March shown in orange, 11-13 April shown in blue and 18-20 April, 2011 shown in green; also shown in magenta is a half day fourth visit to Urayasu in metro Tokyo).

The approximately 2,400 photos are all georefernced with the latitude-longitude written into the photo file name, and are divided into three pdfs with links below - each pdf corresponds very closely to each of the three surveys (there is minor overlapping of surveys at the ends of each pdf).  Photographs are copyrighted by SPA Risk LLC.  Viewers are free to use the photos for non-revenue generating non-commercial purposes.  Due to file size limitations, the images are significantly downsized and quality unfortunately reduced - please contact for access to higher quality copies of the images.

The following individuals are gratefully thanked for their assistance during these surveys: Profs. Junji Kiyono (Kyoto University), Masanori Hamada (Waseda University), Kazuhiko Kasai (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Saburoh Midorikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Norio Okada (Kyoto University), Kazuhiko Kawashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Kimiro Meguro (Tokyo University), Kohji Tokimatsu (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Hideki Kaji (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Assoc. Prof. Anil C. Wijeyewickrema (CUEE, Tokyo Tech), Asst. Prof. Shoichi Kishiki (CUEE, Tokyo Tech), Asst. Prof. Troy Morgan (CUEE, Tokyo Tech), Prof. Masato Motosaka (Tohoku University), Prof. Akenori Shibata (emeritus, Tohoku University) and Ms. Naho Ikeda (Kyoto University).

The assistance of Prof. Stephen Mahin (University of California at Berkeley and Director of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center, PEER) and members of the PEER-EERI team [Profs. Gregory Deierlein (Stanford Univ.), Gilberto Mosqueda (SUNY Buffalo),  Youssef Hashash (Univ. Illinois at Champaign-Urbana), Steven Kramer (U. Washington), Kyle Rollins (Brigham Young Univ.), Philip Liu (Cornell Univ.) and Harry Yeh (Oregon State Univ.)], and Mr. Jay Berger and Ms. Marjorie Greene of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) is also gratefully acknowledged, as well as the support of the National Science Foundation (Dr. Dennis Wenger, Program Manager).  The preliminary PEER-EERI report can be found at here.


Survey 1 - 28-30 March 2011 - Fukushima coast

Survey 2 - 11-13 Apr 2011 - PEER Miyagiken

Survey 3 - 18-20 Apr 2011 - N Miyagi and Iwate coast