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Risk Review

SPA can perform independent review of seismic risk-management studies and plans.  Mitigation plans developed using traditional engineering techniques tend to focus on worst-case scenarios and very long planning periods that are inconsistent with practical business decision-making.  They can express future performance under as-is and what-if cases in terms that cannot be used in standard financial analysis or familiar decision-making frameworks.  SPA can check the necessity, efficacy, and economic efficiency of professionally developed mitigation plans, expressing costs and benefits in terms that are meaningful to you.


Because we have developed important risk-evaluation and risk-management techniques and performed numerous risk studies for insurers, lenders, governments, and owners (see our "risk evaluation" page), we are familiar with the historical development and the state of the art in risk management, and understand both the theory and practice of risk management for natural disasters.  We hold relevant professional licenses: Scawthorn is a licensed Structural Engineer; Porter, a licensed Professional Engineer. 

Key Benefits

bulletIndependent validation
bulletRisk expressed in meaningful decision-making terms
bulletMitigation benefits expressed using practical planning periods and probability levels


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